The Way You Move

2004 – 2005 / Installation & Videos

“By imitating a gesture of another person the specific character of the physical expression of this person is grasped. By taking over his gestures one experiences his physical appearance and emotions. We internalize gestures by mimicking them.” (Gunter Gebauer/Christoph Wulf)

The multi-part video installation ‘THE WAY YOU MOVE’ consists of individual works which all examine one specific gesture and its interpretability. In the video ‘THE BEARD STROKE’, a voice-over comments upon the movements, using quotes from books about body language. Simultaneously, the gesture of ‘stroking ones beard’ is dissected frame by frame through the use of a simple animation technique. The projection ‘TAKE OFF A SWEATER’ silently shows multiple variations on this every-day action.

An installation made of cardboard elements frames the videos and refers in its form to Nelson Rockefellers’ office desk. “ ... perhaps the desk of desks was described by someone who interviewed Nelson Rockefeller: I couldn’t believe how simple his New York office was. But he big thing was his trick desk. It had a large pull-out drawer with steps on it. Rockefeller would strut up and step onto the top of his desk in order to address any assembled group.”
(Felicia Roosevelt/Marian Christy)

THE BEARD STROKE /  PAL 4:3 / 13:00 min. color / sound
TAKE OFF A SWEATER / PAL 4:3 / 06:00 min. / color / silent
Performers: Clay Lowe, Marion Porten
Voice Over: Clay Lowe
Language: English

Installation View: "Warum etwas zeigen was man sehen kann?" / Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig / 2006 / installation, videos and cardboard elements / © Andreas Enrico Grunert

Video stills / The Beard Stroke